Life Lessons – Great Leaders Are Not Afraid To Work Hard

One of the characteristics of great Leaders is a firm work ethic. Many people say they want something but at the intersection between their dream and the required work, their dream turns into a fantasy. The few who chase their dream with a firm resolve to put in the work required, experience the joy that comes from a job well …

Life Lessons – Never Quit on Yourself

Great Leaders may sometimes quit on things, but they don’t quit on themselves. They rarely find what they were destined to do on their first attempt, and they use every segment of their life journey as a learning experience. In this episode of Life Lessons I share some experiences from my journey.

Life Lessons – Dream BIG Dreams!

A character trait that runs through the veins of all leaders is the ability to dream big dreams. So, what’s your dream? What MUST you achieve in this life before you take your last breath? In this Life Lesson, I share some thoughts on this subject. I hope you enjoy.

Life Lessons – Truth

In this Life Lesson, I share a personal experience that happened to me in Junior High and the consequences of a choice I made. I hope through this Life Lesson, you will avoid such choices.

Life Lessons – Operation Underground Railroad

Let’s not be naive. In this world, there are both good and evil people. One organization that Karree and I support is called Operation Underground Railroad. Their mission is to free children from sex slavery around the world. I encourage you to watch the interview Karree and I recently conducted with Tim Ballard, the founder of this important organization. In …

Life Lessons – Designing Your Successful Life.

A life, like a home, will not stand without a solid foundation.  In this Life Lesson, we talk about time tested truths, given over 3,500 years ago. Learning and living the message in this Life Lesson will insure a solid foundation for your life.   Transcription: Hello everyone, Dallin and Karree here in our home in Utah. I hope you …

Introducing Life Lessons – Dallin A. Larsen

Hello Friend, Beginning in 2015, Karree and I will be sharing our Life Lessons through video messages in hopes that we can bless others through our life experiences. The video above is a two minute introduction to Life Lessons and we encourage you to watch it and become part of our community.