Keep Improving Day by Day & Never Give Up

We must believe that our best days are in front of us, not behind us. In golf, business and life, I believe this to be true! Let’s keep improving day by day through discipline, improving the little things and never giving up!



Hi everybody, Dallin here at Soldier Hollow this is a golf course I play most time a couple miles away from where Karee and I live and its up here in the mountains, I love this time of year because the grass is starting to turn green we still got snow up in the mountains so people can ski, play golf on the same day

I want to talk a life lesson today. seems a lot of my life lessons around persistent or are around the subjects of goalsetting and persistence and I’ve been playing golf since I was probably about seven years old we grew up across the golf course in Rexburg in the I would go over and play for five times a week and I never got lessons so I try to learn on my own which you know if I would’ve had lessons and then that maybe my golf experience even better but I was trying to practice and do things right and watch the pros on TV you know, Johnny Miller back then was one of the best golfers he was #1 in the world for a while now he lives, we go to the same church and he lives like kitty corner from our house so watching him and Jack and Arnold Palmer Gary player and these guys I wanted to be a good golfer.

I was on the golf team in high school but I was never number one number two. I was probably 5th best in a small school

But listen now I’m 56 years old and when I stepped away from MonaVie a couple years ago I said okay what am I going to do for the next couple years while I got a non-compete before you start my final venture with Karee and so I said I’m going to read a lot and spend time with the family and play some golf.

and so I set a goal to shoot even par. I’ve never shot; I’ve played this game for what about 50 years now and I’ve never shot par golf for 18 holes. golf is a hard hard game and those of you golf I know you understand that some of you shoot under par routinely my friend Frank Soucineck rolls out of bed and goes and shoots under par no problem.

for me I don’t have that natural ability so I read a book by Ben Hogan a few years ago on the fundamentals of the five fundamentals of golf. Talking about the golf… the grip and I realized at the age of about 50 when I read that book that the last 45 years I been gripping the club wrong HELLO! I should have learned that at the beginning.

So a life lesson is make sure you practice right fundamentals so he changed my grip he changed my stance, I was bringing the club like this and he said look, you got to bring it down. and so I’ve been working on remaking my swing but your habits are hard to break and so I’ve been doing this stuff for 45 years so to try to change it has been very difficult but little by little I been improving my golf game I was about a 12 handicap. Actually the days of MonaVie, when I was traveling all over the world not playing any golf I was shooting in the 90s horrible, like a 20 handicap probably,

then I it got down after I walked away a couple years ago I got it down about 10 handicap and then about a seven and so my goal is being to shoot even par.

Ben Hogan once said it drives me nuts to go to a driving range and see all these golfers practicing on the driving range, practicing the wrong fundamentals think in the games going to improve. all they’re doing is reinforcing bad habits so you make sure the core you get back to the core and say “am I doing the right fundamentals?” Whatever it is in your life whether it’s parenting or in business make sure you’re practicing the right fundamentals because if you’re doing the wrong thing over and over again you’re just you’re just in your brain digging deeper those bad habits. So you got to remake yourself. So I try to remake my golf swing remake my golf game.

so yesterday is my brother’s birthday Mike who’s a dear. He’s is like these I can ask for a better brother! He lives in Boise and so I thought okay I’m going to go out and shoot even par for the first time my life for my brother for his birthday so I come out here to soldier hollow yesterday and guess what?

After 10 holes I was three under par. I mean, for a guy who is not a scratch golfer I don’t have a PGA card I’m in a handicap card but I guess my handicap right now is about it a seven or an eight last year I shot under par for nine holes one under par but for 18 I’ve never shot even par my best round last year was 2 over par, 74 on a different course

So I’m three under par and had three birdies and I’m thinking “That’s not who I am!” I don’t shoot under par and so as the round goes you know I felt like I started to tighten up little bit thing because I was in uncharted territory.

There’s things we do in life that’s uncomfortable and were out of our comfort zone how we react to that? So yesterday was another lesson for me I’ve had never been in this place before so I ended up having a couple bogeys. I get to number 15…I think number 15 it’s pretty easy hole and I bogied it. And so them I’m sitting there, I didn’t use any bad words, trying my discipline, using a good language no swearing on the golf course. So I bogied that hole, and I got up to number 14. I get up to the next hole, which is a par three and I missed the green and I pitch in for a birdie to go back to at that point I went back up to two under par pitching in, I had three holes to go.

So I get the next hole, a par five I should have birdied it, I get a bogey, and I’m walking on the 17th tee two under par and I’m saying to myself “I have got this!” Man this is amazing best round my life!

I get to number 17 a par three missed the green, pitched up to 6 feet away missed the putt because I was tightening up So I’m one under par on the 18th tee ready to shoot under par I get up to the green. I’m hundred and 45 yards away in two, I hit an 8iron usually hundred and 50 yards but I was 145 between clubs I hid an 8 iron, and it’s a blind shot, but it is going for the flag and I said, “man that is right on the stick I’m going to make a birdie and finish two under!”

I get to the green and I realized my balls about 20 feet past the pin on the fringe about this far into the fringe and I’m thinking “Do I put this or do I chip it?” I decide to putt it I’m thinking I am putting for par to go two under and I hit it about four and a half feet past, because I didn’t read it right, and I was putting, too worried about the fringe and so I am now left with a 4 and a half, 5-foot putt, just like on 17 to finish one under par and I missed the putt.

And I tap in and I shoot even par for the very first time my life 72 and I was discouraged about it. Isn’t that ridiculous!?

The best round of golf in your life and you’re discouraged about it and Karee is like “wow amazing! Even par that was your goal!” And was. but now I said are you know what it just left me empty a little bit because I could’ve done better. but that’s how life is; No matter what you got to be constantly raising the bar.

So my message for you today I’ve still got goal to shoot under par. I got a couple more months to get it done!

Come July I’m planning on full steam ahead on the file venture but a couple messages for you today is that never believe your best days are behind you. I’m 56 years old and I’m playing the best golf of my life because I’m practicing the right fundamentals and I’m analyzing it and I’m spending some time with it.

So whether it’s golf or whatever it is believe your best days are in front of you. I believe my best days in golf and in business and in family are in front of me not behind me. Second of all keep raising the bar so you achieve something and say “okay that’s great! I’ve done now what’s next?”

And so keep those things in mind and maybe we’ll see on the golf course or somewhere down the road. Life is great it’s a beautiful day we got snow in the mountains green grass I’m up here at Soldier Hollow. Let’s see if I can hit one!


RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! Whoo! That’s deep!

Frank I’m ready for you brother! God bless you guys love you have a great day and a great week will see down the road.

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  1. Dallin,
    I have a real estate co. in Boca Raton, Fl. Years ago I convinced one of my associates to come to your Monavie Convention at the Orlando Marriott World Center. He got there and didn’t know exactly how to navigate getting into the convention. I had mentioned your name to him and he remembered it and called your room. Why not right? You answered the phone and he asked you how to get into the convention because it was packed. Instead of quickly getting him off the phone he said you took the time to say you were sorry but you didn’t have room for him in the main hall and if he still wanted to attend he had the option of going into the overflow room. I would imagine you didn’t count on a few thousand people calling your room that day and you were not disappointed. A few thousand didn’t call you but the one call that erroneously got through you handled well. No doubt your new call was to the front desk. Thanks!
    Your live lessons are great and I look forward to hearing your news in July!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, Dallin! Daily discipline is terrific, but only if we use proper practices. Excitement is growing! The future is bright, and we look forward to all God is preparing for us.
    Stan & Claudia Simpson

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