Some of the people that do so much for each of us and who most of the time go severely under-appreciated or recognized are our veterans, firefighters, police officers and our teachers from pre-school all the way through High School.  Karree and I generally stay behind the scenes when it comes to recognizing folks but we were given the opportunity to sponsor some awards in the town where we live that acknowledges and blesses the lives of outstanding teachers in each of our schools, as voted on by their peers and the students.

So, a few days ago we took our two youngest out of school for a day and spent the day surprising these amazing teachers.  In every case, the teachers were surprised as their family members showed up, some from as far away as Minnesota, to support their family member being recognized.  It was so neat to be a part of such a special day for them.   Afterwards, our youngest daughter and Karree both said, “I could do this every day!”  Our daughter had caught the spirit of blessing others and seeing the joy on their faces for a job well done.  Here are the pictures of the best teachers in our town for this year, along with their families.  Enjoy and let us always remember to thank those who go out of their way to educate our kids and grand-kids!

This 2016 Wasatch Community Foundation Ace Award recipients are:

Camille Luke RMMS :: Holly Hansen JRS :: Jaime Naylor TIS :: Jani Malmrose OME :: Jayna Homer MES :: Jennie Vernon HVE :: Judd Sweat RMMS :: Karri Oldham WHS :: Kasie Payne WHS :: Kelly Giles OME :: Lane House HVE :: Lucy O’Driscoll MES :: Rena Larsen TIS :: Sunni Provost JRS

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