LifeLessons – 7 Steps to Vibrant Living with Stacy Harmer

Stacy’s life was turned upside down in just one night when she unexpectedly lost her beloved five year old daughter. The sadness and grief that followed trapped her in a downward spiral that led to clinical depression and years of healing. In 7 Steps to Vibrant Living, Stacy reveals the simple yet profound steps and tools from her own healing journey that helped her, and have since helped numerous others, overcome barriers and challenges and achieve greater breakthroughs in life.

Stacy outlines a clear path for nourishing the body, heart, mind and soul and living life with greater purpose and passion. She describes her own experience as going from the Pit to the Promised Land! If you need healing, hope, or help, this story is for you. – – – “Stacy has walked a path few are required to walk. These experiences could have crushed her. Instead, she has TRIUMPHED. If you’ll let them, Stacy’s insights, visual anchors, and other concrete suggestions will change your life.”

-Collette Larsen, International Business Leader and Mentor

‘7 Steps to Vibrant Living’ by Stacy Harmer is Available on

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