Happy Thanksgiving from the Larsen Family to your Family

Happy Thanksgiving from the Larsen Family to your Family!



Hi friends, Dallin and Karee and Boo Dane from our home on this Thanksgiving holiday wanted to send out just a short Thanksgiving message letting all know how grateful we are for so many things including family and friends from around the world.

Gosh, we’ve been blessed with so many great friends or family is growing isn’t it?

As I think about the last year it is a time of gratitude. I’d like like maybe we’ll start with Boo what are some things that you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving season?

Health and really anything God gives us. So you feel like it’s been a good year?

Yeah definitely been a it’s been a good for me and a good year for the whole family.

fantastic dane how abotu you? what are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for friends

And you got some good ones, don’t you? Some good friends. Are you thankful that you’re able to grow your hair a lot longer than your dad? Look at this! He decided he wanted to grow his hair, ad we said while you can grow it you ought to grow it, I guess!

His hair is getting pretty long and I’m jealousWell the only parent that’s coaching him to cut his hair is his gymnastics coach because when he is on the high bar he can’t really see the best.

so these guys are in the school in the fifth and fourth grade I’m thankful you getting good grades I’m thankful their in gymnastics and active

Saxophone and trumpet and Dane is playing the piano and so a lot of fun things Karree you what you? What are you thankful this Thanksgiving season?

I’m thankful for my family absolutely love our family we have two new additions to the family, it would be presumtious if we need to…

no no all right ahead!

We had a young man come and ask for our daughters hand in marriage and he is just a stellar young man. The only issue is that he’s another Dallin!

Now that’s three Dallins in the family. And we got a new brand new little grandbaby girl and niece and her name is Harper May. And she was born November 6th. So the family is growing and it’s healthy that’s my most favorite so I am increibly grateful for my family.

And it looks like Maddy and Dallin they’re talking by January February’s like that to get married they don’t want a long engagement were all in support of what they want to do there and then I’m really thankful too for my son Dallin and Stephanie and and that they made us grandparents and they made Boo and Dane nieces and nephews with little baby Harper December 6 what a beautiful new girl and we got a brand-new picture of our family absent Dallin and absent baby Harper because we took this of a few weeks prior to Harper being born but you know you got a growing family we got to like 22? 25? who’s counting?

my mom would count she would know the answer around 20 to 25 people in our family so you got a growing family you have to change out your family portrait like every year we’ve had a portrait hanging on our wall last like eight or nine years and so the kids said hey it’s time for new portraits of one of those.

What else are you thankful for Karree?

I’m thankful for an amazing relationship with you and an amazing relationship with God.
I appreciate that

I really am! We cook together, golf together.we laugh and cry together and pray together, get fired up together, get tired together

.Well just behind us we’ve got three turkeys with we will have over 40 people here for Thanksgiving and family and friends and so I’m grateful for that grateful to be surrounded by family and friends I’m grateful for health I’m grateful for amazing friends from around the world that I cherish and I know that you cherish as well I’m thankful that God granted us a season with our dads this last year before the transition to the other side where we were on planes and trains and automobiles but that we were home with them spending a lot of time And now our moms who will both be here tomorrow for Thanksgiving dinner I’m thankful for that.

What else I’m thankful for the Lord and for how he has blessed our family this last year. Those are some of things. I am also thankful this is what i was was thinking today. I’m thankful that I believe inside that my best days are ahead of me not behind me I have some amazing days behind me, but I just refused to believe and refuse to accept my best days are in the past so whether that’s spiritually or being involved in exciting business venture I just believe that our best days are ahead of us, what do you think?


Excited for the future?

Yeah definitely! But still happy for the past.

We’ve had a a lot of great times together a lot more times to come

so I guess I which I would admonish you this Thanksgiving season to be think about some things you’re greatful and believe your best days in front of you and that you still got more to give in this world to do significant things and bless people along the way

in the Old Testament the end of…i can’t remember which book is the end of maybe Ecclesiastes? I can’t remember No, that’s not right… I can’t remember but at the end one of the books it says like kind of like I’m paraphrasing it he says, after is all said and done it’s about going out and doing good and being good and I liked and I like that particular verse so that’s how we’re trying to live our to lives to go out and do good be good and we’ve always talked about doing significant things

so from our family the Larsen family to your family this Thanksgiving season we want you to know that we’re grateful for life and we’re greatful to be here for another day.

You think about how long the world is been in existence that’s it and other some people say it’s millions of years old some people say it’s thousands of years old. However old it is, it’s older than you and I and other people who’ve who paved the way before us who are early pioneers I’m grateful for them I’m grateful for men and women who will wake up on Thanksgiving out of harms way to protect our freedoms I’m grateful for those who lost their lives

Those who haev given the ultimate sacrifice sp that we can worship how we want and live in a free land I know the world is changing it’s important for us to be to hold onto values to be courageous do good and and do the right thing but I’m also grateful to be alive in 2015 We could have been born in the 15th century are you thousand years ago or 5000 years ago or whatever but I guess if I the choice to come back again if I wasn’t born in the 1900s, I’d probably choose to be born right now because are so many amazing things we got phones and computers we got TVs you got airplanes we got cars you think all the luxuries we have but let’s never forget the most important things are our relationship with the lord, our relationship with families and spent time together turning off our phoes, turning off social media and let’s do that this Thanksgiving were in a basket and everyon’es going to put their phones in it and spend some quality together.

Spend time with your family this Thanksgiving, it’s not going to last forever.

that’s good advice, I think we’ll end on that so thanks for all you do and all that you are God bless you and your families until we talk again, thank you.

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  1. Thank you, Larsen Family, for your loving kindness and kind example of a true God respecting family.
    Love you and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Rhonda Vignola

  2. Good to see you again. When you’re ready, I’ll be ready for you. I don’t know anyone that is a better leader than yourself. God bless and safe travels.

  3. Beautiful video. As always, I enjoyed our talk on the phone a few weeks ago. A new year approaching, congratulations on the new additions to your family. Nice to see your son growing his hair long as mine slowly diminishes…LOL. Happy New Year. Looking forward to seeing you two in 2016. Rich Towsley

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