The Larsen Family Letter

Dallin asked that this be posted on his behalf, as he needs to be with his family during this time of sorrow. Dallin was so moved by the outpouring of concern and support expressed in the comments posted on Facebook, that he would like to share a personal letter with his Facebook family that was originally sent to his immediate family.


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  1. This is beautiful, Dallin. It touched me deeply. How thankful you must be to have had such a father. Stan & I will continue to pray for comfort to your hearts over the coming months when your father’s absence will be so sharply felt.

    God bless you all!

    Love & Hugs,
    Stan & Claudia

    1. Dear Stan and Claudia,

      Sorry it’s taken me a while to respond. It was a week full of many things, as I’m sure you know. Let me simply say thank you for your sensitive and loving hearts. I’m so grateful to be on this earth at a time when I have the opportunity to cross paths with such beautiful people as yourselves. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your words touched me. He said, “inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, ye have done it unto me.” Thank you for representing him in your words. You’ve done unto me and I’m grateful.

      With love and appreciation,

      Dallin and Karree

  2. This is so beautifully written. Within the past 4 months we have lost 2 family members and this was so comforting. It brought tears and joy to me. You are right, God is good and always on time and does provide those nuggets just when we need them.

    God bless you and your family. May you continue to feel His presence and walk in His peace in the coming day.

    Respectively Yours,
    Joann Wozny

    1. Thank you Joann and so sorry to hear of your loss. The transitioning of my Dad (I will never speak in past terms because he isn’t dead, he’s just alive as he was a week ago, as are your loved ones) hasn’t been without grief. I will miss him everyday of the rest of my life. Yet, the grief is also tempered with the peace that I gain through the faith I have that through Christ, all will be made alive once again. The grave is not the ending but the beginning of the rest of our mortal existence. I believe my Dad passed the test of mortality. My hope is that i can develop and live with a portion of the grace and integrity he showed me throughout his life.

      Until we meet again is what I like to say because as surely as the sun rises, the son will come back and one day soon, we will all see things as they really are. The end of the story is brilliant and glorious I believe.

      Sincerely, Dallin and Karree

  3. I don’t know you sir and really don’t know how I came across your letter to your family. I do know that it touched me, inspired me and gives me hope and a clearer understanding. I thank you and will save this letter for down the road when I need it the most. God bless you sir.

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