Life Lessons – Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

To get your creative juices flowing, get out of the office, turn off the TV, and go outside. Being in nature allows you to dream and to create things spiritually before you create them physically.



Good morning everybody Welcome to another Life Lessons. I was out weeding this morning I’m kind of out of breath and I thought, you know this is a good life lesson. I am thinking about in the soil. God created the Earth and he created in his mind. He gathered matter together Steven Cumming once said that things are created twice. First spiritually and then physically. So in your mind, you got to create it in your mind. and one of the reasons I love coming out and weeding; it’s kind of hard to get started, but once I get out here, I think how great it is to be outdoors. I think most great ideas in my life and a life lesson that I learned it happens when I’m not at a desk or computer not when I’m on Facebook. not when I’m texting, not when you’re doing twitter. It’s when you’re outdoors in the soil so I encourage you, if you want to be creative. and create a vision for your future, get out and do some weeding. or some gardening, or planting some flowers and just being in nature.

Taking a hike up to a mountain and just being in solitude by yourself and being comfortable with yourself. and all the while, think. I don’t have my phone ringing while I’m out here. No one’s asking me questions. It just gives me time to reflect and think. and I’m doing that. I’m excited Been thinking this morning about you know, some things I want to do. and Karee and what we want to do together for the rest of our lives another venture and what that’s going to look like. so you create it out here in nature and you start coming up with some great ideas. Because it’s not cluttered and busy. So that’s a life lesson for you today.

Get out in nature and take time to think and meditate. To pray, and create things spiritually in your mind and then you can take it from your mind and your heart into reality. That’s how God did it. and that’s how we do it as human beings, because we each have a spark of the divine inside of us. I see these trees. It’s such a beautiful time right now. Here’s something else I learned this morning. Come to my memory this morning. I like it when I am able to pull a weed out by the root. And this is wet, so it’s like about having the right tools in life. So I got this tool and if this soil wasn’t wet, then I wouldn’t be able to get these weeds by the root you got to get things from the root. You got to lick the root cause of things.

And if there’s things in your life you want to chance, you got to change it at the root level. Some of these weeds I pulled this morning, I didn’t use this. And it wasn’t as wet as this particular area was and I was trying to get it out and I thought “well, I can go to the garage and get my tool, or else I can try to go it with my hands.” and so some of the weeds I didn’t get by root. And so I’m just like…. it’s just like putting lipstick on a pig, you know? Within a couple of days, that weed is going to come back out again because I didn’t get it by the root. So things in our life that we need to change, we need to change it at the root level.

So It’s about having the right tools. So maybe a tool is a mentor a coach, a counselor. Don’t try to do it all by yourself make sure you’ve armed yourself with the right tools. if you want change, you got to change it at the root level., Get outside, start enjoying nature Go on some walks, hikes. Beautify your property.

But if you live in an apartment and you don’t have a yard then it’s ok! Go volunteer some place or else just get outside. The message is, get outside get off the computer get away from the TV and enjoy nature. and let your imagination wander and the creativity soar. That’s what’s happening with me. I’m excited. I’m excited out the next venture in our lives. And what it’s going to look and feel like. And it begins right here, outside in nature. Between me, my mind, and my heart and God. So have the rest of a great day and great weekend. God Bless You.

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  1. We just love all your life lessons Dallin and Karrie. Keep them coming. We love you and God bless! We can’t wait to hear about your next venture!



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