Life Lessons – What it Takes to Earn 7 Figures in Network Marketing

Lon and Sheryl Wardrop are not only long time friends of ours, they are among the most successful couple in network marketing, earning an annual income into 7 figures. In this Life Lesson, they share some of what they’ve learned along their journey and remind us all that we can accomplish whatever we are willing to dream and work towards. Enjoy and share this with others. They speak great wisdom.

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  1. Wonderful video, Dallin!

    Would love to share with those not on Facebook but don’t have a Url.
    Could it be possible to send me a link? Thank you
    Miss you guys,

    Richand bronna peterson

  2. Lon and Sheryl. This was a timely lesson at a time in my life when I needed your words of wisdom. Thank you my dear friends Dallin and Karree for yet another inspiring Life Lesson

  3. What a great interview! Thanks for sharing the wisdom on the order of importance in choosing an opportunity. There were some great nuggets shared here. Thank you, Lon and Sheryl. Thank you, Dallin.

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