Life Lessons – Dallin Shares His Life’s Passion

In our last Life Lesson, I asked you to share with me what you’re passionate about. In this Life Lesson, I share with the community what I’m most passionate about.

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  1. Thank you Dallin! I’m makong myself get up at least by 6 so I can do what you’re doing as I also believe GOD is AMAZING! PHRNOMINAL! UNDESCRIBABLE as I see Him work in my life. I also humbly appreciate His spirit & presence in my life. I want to grow in my relationship with Him and I’m grateful for His godly people, such as yourself & Kerrie that He puts in my life to follow & teach me to become a better person, girlfriend, mother, daughter, sister, business professional, but more importantly, a better ambassador to Him, for Hin. THANK YOU! You’re an incredible Leader! I believe in YOU & KERRIE! I believe we will all see you again with our business, MonaVie, MYNT! I’m grateful ! God bless you….. Margie

  2. Dallin…great message! Our prayers tend to create lists of material things we seek and desire like success…security….health…prosperity…and measurable increase in worldly areas. There’s nothing wrong with that since God says He will grant you the desires of your heart BUT the Word is steadfast in declaring “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things I will add unto you”. Since we know this…the discipline to stay the course by going to a place of solitude and personal dependence on HIM in prayer….is the essence of relationship with the father. I truly believe God puts that desire to have relationships within us but that “choice” to seek him first will always be OURS. Thanks for the reminder…keep em’ coming.

    1. Amen and Amen to everything you said, Fred. I read a great verse the other day that stuck out at me about how God “seeks” us. I have pondered on that for the last few days. Not that I hadn’t believed that before but I’ve been so focused on “seeking” Him that the shift for me was interesting and significant to know that He also is seeking us. He loves us and desires this intimacy with His children. Thank you and God bless you Fred. Dallin and Karree

  3. Thanks for sharing, Dallin. I too received a message from God when I was a baby Christian and hungry for the Word that I should give Him my first fruits. I was waiting until the end of the day to do my scripture reading and of course, tired I often fell asleep. I heard it clearly, give me your first fruits when you are clear of mind and can receive my Word and understand it. Ever since the late eighties I get up, put on some coffee and go in my prayer closet and spend a good hour reading scripture, journaling, meditating in silence and basking in His love for me and praising Him for what He has done in my life. It has become so important that I do not have a good day if for some reason I’m kept from doing it.

    1. Beautiful words Bea. Thank you for caring enough to share this with me and others. You are a great role model in your daily devotion. I too, see a noticeable difference in the peace I feel on the days in which I don’t make my early morning time with the Lord a part of my day. God bless you as you continue on the path back to His presence. With love, Dallin and Karree

    1. Dear Chelsea, we love you and your family and so wish we could see your more often. I’m so proud of the person that you are. Hugs and Love to you, Cameron and the kids. Dallin and Karree

  4. Thank you, Dallin, for your inspiring words in this video. I think we all get busy with our lives and forget our priorities when it comes to nurturing our relationship with God. I speak with him all day long, however, the peace comes when reading His Word. You and Karree are a true blessing to all of us as you share these “Life Lessons”. Many blessing to you both.

    1. Thank you Cheryl. I think we all need to be reminded about priorities so that we can continue to make those Life course adjustments and corrections. At least I do. I appreciate your reply. Blessings, Dallin and Karree

  5. Your Life Lesson on What are you passiomNate About leapt out from Facebook this morning for the second time. This day I will seak my bible from my shelves.and be able to follow your lead and seek Him first. Thank you Dallin and Karee. God works in mysterious ways. Your light beckons and leads in the darkness.

    1. Dear Val, you have been and will continue to be one of the greatest examples in our lives. We love you beyond words and the honor is completely ours, to be in your circle of friends. You are a blessing dear Val. Loves and hugs, Dallin and Karree. PS So excited to hear that you were able to not only see the Grand but also Zion’s and Bryce. These natural wonders are breath taking. I think next May, Karree and I may take a hike to the base of the Grand and back up again. Sort of a way to go deep into the earth to leave some things behind and then come back up, refreshed and ready for the next grand adventure. You wanna join us in the exodus down to the base and back up? Hey, bring Anthony and Megan too! Our Boo and Dane were saying to us on our trip how much they miss the boys! One of the great blessings in our lives are the associations we’ve made around the world.

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