Life Lessons – A Message from Dallin & Karree Larsen

Dear Current and Former MonaVie Distributors,

Karree and I have recorded a message for you that we invite you to watch. We also ask that you please share it with any current or former MonaVie distributors with which you have contact.

With love and gratitude, Dallin and Karree

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  1. dallin & karree Larsen …
    Hope you don’t pas this massage just like any comment , because I am writing in it from the button of my heart
    I am from the team system now known as LIFE by Orrinwoodward cris , Tim marks etc… Great leaders
    I’m still in their system, super great pure leadership the best!!! No doubt but…
    I stayed in Monavie because of you.. You touch my life, not because you did something for me
    But because I saw in u guys the honesty purines in your eyes you really love people , specially distributors!!!!
    You are my heroes!!!!!
    I’m not afraid to work hard for people like you
    Let’s get together and pray for the best
    So wherever you go or do count me in
    Jose soto
    xxx-xxx-xxxx cell #
    Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You are the best!!!!!!!!!

    1. wow!! God does have a plan for you and I loved this message throughout he tears in my eyes. I wanted to throw n Orrin and Chris with LIFE… because we would have never known your purpose and product without them- and continue to keep you in our story of where we came from. I am in California- near San Francisco- and there are some pretty BIG hugs waiting for you here as I have only gotten to shake your hand once when we were joined as businesses. There are even BIGGER prayers for you and family for your well being and spirit. I can be honest and say that I would love to have you as one of my legs!!! ( just being honest as you were honest in your video) because I look for the qualities that you possess in people of today and it is very interesting to see just the glimpse of light in people’s eyes- then get shattered by every day “garbage” and baggage carried by the starving… Love you guys- always have -always will- both my wife and I. When in Ca. look us up please. Matthew + Loana O’Connor- Concord, Ca. 94518

      1. Dear Matthew and Loana, thank you for your kind words and hopefully our paths will cross again at some point. Give the Woodwards, Brady’s and Marks big hugs from the Larsens! Keep growing!!! Dallin and Karree

    2. It is said that the Lord never closes one door unless He opens another! As in the past, egos get inflated and bruised and sadly things unravel. However the work you and Karree put in place with Serge cannot have a price put on it! It will go on and on into the eternities! Charity never faileth!
      So you will rise again.
      It is said that when you are a leader you often get tomatoes thrown at you; rotten grapefruits and even watermelons! The latter will drive you to your knees however we both know that is the most powerful place to be!
      Be the Phoenix!

    3. Dear Karree and Dallin, This is Shane writing to you two. I just recently heard about the changes within MonaVie and your story. Hard to believe. The two of you and Henry were (are) MonaVie! As you know I was there in the beginning. With the help of your love and graciousness after my brother died, I was reminded of the power of love and integrety you stand for. I already could “see” and know who you two were as leaders in the greater scheme of things. That of course is still playing out for you both. When you called me up on stage, I was reminded ,thanks to you asking about 7000 people to say ” we love you Shane”, how loved I really am. That was quite a gift you gave me!!! We were mirrors for each other in that moment. I also remembered in that moment, that the healing I was getting on stage with your Divinely guided wisdom ( which I have witnessed on many occasions) was that I was there in all my bright colors for many others to find me so that they too could heal. It was never about just me or you or my brother but many more. We were the conduits. I can’t tell you how many people needed to talk and share their losses with me over that week-end. I was honored to be available. I continue to remember that I am a healer and a light worker. I accept those titles mostly graciously as do you I believe, and sometimes kicking and screaming. Its all good. We see the good in people and must continue to believe in ourselves and each other.

      Whenever I look at my 22 year old son, I hear you saying “roots and wings.” Thank you for that !

      I like many others am incredibly saddened that you are no longer affiliated with an awesome company that be came that way because of your leadership. I still drink Monavie every day. You and Karree are very much loved. I know you know that. As sad as I am about the direction that Jeauness has decided to go, I choose to be excited for this “new beginning” for you both. Divine Guidance never goes away, and you know how to let it in.

      I truly hope that our paths cross again. I love you and feel blessed to have spent some wonderful years knowing you. Please also give love and Hugs to Henry too. Shane

      1. Dear Shane,

        It is so great to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. We are so blessed to have amazing people like yourself, in our lives. Thank you for being a blessing. Like you, I truly hope our paths cross again!

        With love, Dallin and Karree

  2. Thank you for the update. It was an honour to get to know you and for the great Monavie product, still drinking it. Keep me updated on new things to come.

  3. I was impressed with you goodbye–for now message. We thoroughly enjoyed the people of Monavie. My time in Monavie was tainted by one person close to me. I would have preferwd to be on board when you retired. God bless you and yours and thank you for the uplifting time we spent in the Monavie organization. Colin and Marney

  4. God Bless you both and all of your family. You are truly the inspiration to all Monavie Distributors. It has not been the same since you (retired). The opportunity is still there. The distributor leadership is still there but the heart of the company have never recovered from the 4 of you leaving. Hopefully Jeunesse and the remaining corporate team can find the Heart to rebuild your legacy.
    God bless you

  5. thank you so much for this. The news was devastating. First mynt was confusing, then the sale of such a special company and the downplaying of the brand Monavie. This helped me realize how you fought for it and us. I look forward to your next adventure and will follow you via Facebook. I will always drink the juice. It’s the best product ever! I hope we keep the culture of not always being first but always being the best but honestly have some doubts about that.

    1. Thank you Becky for your words. Stay with us in these Life Lessons and just follow your heart. We sincerely hope that the new owners will honor all of the good of MonaVie, which starts with the beautiful distributors around the world! Sending our love, Dallin and Karree

  6. Seeing your hearts as you shared how you were feeling brought me back to very special times in my Monavie days…..and to tears. I will always cherish those days and hold you both in a special place. Karree….love the rocking hair! I remember when it was long, then you cut it, and this was a shock to see and something only you could pull off with that beautiful face! God bless you both . Kim Cotter from Chicago and former Emerald in Monavie

    1. Hi Kim, I’ll share your message with Karree. I must say, that not only is my wife’s face beautiful but the love she feels for the MonaVie family and the joy she receives in seeing others win is so inspiring to me. I’m so blessed to have her by my side!!! Dallin

  7. Hello Darlin and Karree,
    I’ve just watch the video and it’s so heartbreaking to see and know the truth about what happening with Monavie .
    We joined Monavie 2011 for the initial reason because the product worked and I seen it was an opportunity for me to get out of my nursing job to be with our children.
    When I heard from some of our leaders and watched one of your video and you said, God first, Family second and Third Minavie, I felt this Weight off my heart, head and shoulder that I been carried for years with bad past experienced.
    I read and watched Brig Hart story, I was so convinced that I really want to be a part with my family.
    I trusted you, your company and the Monavie it’s the way to go to help us change our lives knowing you behind it as the man of God too, nothing else as I’am a Christian myself.
    When started hearing about stories and all I wanted to hear, your story, the truth.
    I’am very happy to know the truth behind the curtain and that makes a lot of difference to myself, our family and our Monavie family.
    What we want to know from you, can we trust the Monavie corporate leaders now?
    Thanks again for being honest and Courages to tell your story.
    We’d like to keep update and all the very best in your endeavor.

    Love and God bless
    Ofa and Matthew Wright

    1. Dear Ofa and Matthew, thank you for your words. As far as whether you can trust the new leadership, I honestly can’t tell you. I’ve never met the new owners of MonaVie nor have they reached out to me. All I can say is that I hope they will provide excellent leadership and a heart for the MORE Project and distributors. You, Ofa and Matthew will have to be the judge of this for yourself. We are hoping for the best! Dallin and Karree

  8. Thank you Dallin and Karree!!!!! This made me cry, God bless you and may you always walk in His favor. Sending love and best wishes and a see you later, not a good bye.

  9. I want to thank you for clearing the air. As a distributor over the last 5 years, when you left, the heart left, and so did we. We didn’t know what was happening, and why it was different, but now we understand. We were Blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company! When we attended events when you were present, you could FEEL your heart! You have truly Blessed so many lives, and we just just two of them.

    Thank you!
    Wayne and Leah Carlson

    1. Dear Wayne and Leah, thank you for your gracious words. The MonaVie heart was a living, breathing experience that nobody can explain who didn’t experience it firsthand. It was a miracle. We witnessed a miracle. It started on our knees and mine and Karree’s involvement ended on our knees. He is so amazing. We love you and all, Dallin and Karree

  10. Dallin & Karree,
    Thank you for the memories, for the personal growth, for your leadership. This was beautifully done. The two of you will always be in our hearts.
    Stan & Claudia

  11. Thank you Dallin and Karree, you are a wonderful couple! You were it, the substance that kept everyone together and blended so many differences together. I stand honored to have met you both and am looking forward to the next thing. God bless you and your wonderful family. Until we meet again Fast!

  12. Thank you Dallin and Karree for taking the time to send us this special message. I feel and appreciate your hearts. Dallin, I am one of the miracles God used you for, my life is forever changed because of MonaVie and I will never forget that and I too give God all the glory! Only He is worthy. Karree, you are such a beautiful inspiration. I couldn’t agree with you more, I too am willing to loose, loose, loose if it means I can inspire others to win through my eventual wins. Yes, we can’t go back nor do we want to. God always does bigger and better, and so I choose to believe that for you and for me.
    Love you guys! Thank you for all you’ve done. This is not goodbye.

  13. Thank you so much for this message. I will always appreciate the email you sent, Dallin , after our son died in 2011. When Brian went up to the stage at the end of the convention in 2011 to say thank you, knowing you might not even know who he was, you and Karree DID know him when he introduced himself, and when you said you were praying for us, it was REAL. Thank you for always being REAL (genuine) The Radel family loves you, and we continue to pray God’s blessings for you both.

  14. Dallin and Karree
    Years ago, when you and your team sat down to explore your Health and Wellness Business Idea, you put an idea down on the table and then expanded that idea into what is known as MonaVie today. A Wonderful, Fantastic and Beautiful Entity was formed. I personally have benefitted from the wonders of the Active Blend of Juice that MonaVie developed. Now, you and Karree are no longer associated with the MonaVie Name, it is your “Duty” to this Wonderfull World we live in to sit down, again, with another group of Professionsls and kick ideas around the table. The Good Lord will guide you and your Proffessional Group into making another HUGE contribution to the Well Being of another group of People who will take your new Business Venture and distribute your message and products to an awaiting
    world. With the Lord’s Blessings, MonaVie will benefit from their new Leadership. It is now time for you to head out in a new direction and make another HUGE Wave of Success in this wonderful world we know and love. May The Good Lords Blessings be with you and Karree for what you have accomplished and for what you will accomplish in the years to come.

    1. Thank you John. Your words of encouragement and your admonition to move forward isn’t taken lightly. We have been and will continue praying for wisdom and understanding. As you know, in this business, the stage is a very dangerous place. It’s such an enormous responsibility to one on a stage to speak truth and wisdom. I have never taken this for granted. When God wants to once again put me back out there, He will part the Red Sea for me and Karree once again and we will courageously walk through to the other side. Time in His word and time on our knees for now. Please stay in touch John. Love, Dallin and Karree

  15. Dallin, Thanks to you and your wife for having such love,courage, and integrity to GIVE to others who could not give back LUKE 14.. you kept your word and blessed the precious people of Brasil who we love so dearly! May God lead and Guide you Further & Farther on the Journey with HIM!

    1. Dear Doug, it is so wonderful to hear from you! So we have gone full circle haven’t we. Thank you for your heart and the commitment you have and continue to give to the children! You are a blessing in our lives. Dallin and Karree

  16. The More Project is something that we believe God are doing! Thank you for all that you did to help us in Brazil, thank you so much. About the future I only know what I know when start:ed more project is all about love , it’s all about Him! So He ll take care of us and we ll continually see miracles in that kids life! Thank so much, I wish the best for you ! Let’s Do More, Give More, Be More and Love More! God bless you !!!

    1. Sergio and Silvia, you are special souls, and have been pouring into the lives of those beautiful children! God will continue to Bless you and your endeavors! Much love to you both, and all the beautiful faces you help each and every day! We love you, and appreciate your work!

    2. Sergio, somehow, someway my prayer is that God will finish what he started in us! You are my brother forever. God always moves in a mysterious way, as you know. He is in charge of all of this and has been from the beginning. It was one supernatural event after another in the MORE Project. My prayer is that the new owners of MonaVie will honor the heritage, culture and foundation of MonaVie and as we all know, the “M” in MonaVie stands for the MORE Project. That’s the beginning of MonaVie, the MORE Project. Love to all the Ponce family! Dallin and Karree

  17. Dear Dallin and Karree, We have loved MonaVie for almost 10 years now. Some of what you are sharing, we did not know. After our Blue Diamond leader, Ruth VanBuren Stevens passed away, we lost part of our connection to the company. She kept us so well informed on training, events and all news in MonaVie. Thank you for visiting her in the hospital. It met so much to her and her family. We do not have a Black Diamond upline that we know about. We have asked the company different times but there is no communication yet.
    We could see and feel the compassion you have for people and for the children in Brazil. I was moved to tears at my first convention in 2007 when you started to play the song “Prayer For The Children” as you showed pictures from Brazil on the giant screen. There was not a dry eye in the house and you raised many thousands of dollars.
    We love you and wish you both the very best. We hope our paths cross again. You and MonaVie are in our thoughts and prayers. We love the products and hope they continue.
    God bless you,
    Paul and Phyllis Johansen

    1. Dear Paul and Phyllis, thank you for your words. I have no idea why someone at the company can’t provide you with information. That’s frustrating, I’m sure. Prayer of the Children speaks to my heart so I wanted it to be part of the MORE Project gives around the world. Please stay with us on Life Lessons and we hope our paths cross again as we all go along our journeys! Love, Dallin and Karree

    1. Harriet, how do I become an honorary Canadian? I love Canada! Why is it that every Canadian I’ve ever met is so open, honest and genuine? Is it the water? Is it the Maple or what? Amazing country because of the amazing people. Thank you so much. Hope we see you again along the journey of life! Love, Dallin and Karree

  18. Dallin and Karree- Shannon and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the acknowledgement. We became a multibillion dollar company because of your heart. Nothing else. I will be commited to the MORE Project. I’ve been on expedition after expedition and will continue to serve. I have learned a lot from you about principles and about decisions. I am commited to service and commited to this industry. I will be here for a while; there are too many people to help and to many dreams to be had.

    1. Dear Calvin and Shannon, I shared some thoughts with you on facebook which I hope you’ll read. And, hope you’ll stay with us on Life Lessons and share some of the wisdom you’ve learned along this journey. We love you guys, Dallin and Karree

  19. Dallin and Karree,

    II was hounded for a year to try MMun for my life threatening allergies I developed overnight. I bought the juice. Drank and got off all my meds. Still am. It probably saved my life. Then I saw the Mkment DVD where Dallin, you said, get on the Mona Vie bus, if you’ve been blessed, be a blessing. You have blessed my whole family with better health. I never gave up! Can we as a group help you get it back? !?!?! At least your baby, the juice? I’m IN! YOU are MV and YOU blessed my family. I put my faith, trust and love in you and MV. I’m heartbroken and wherever you go, I go! I’ve gone back to church because I felt the love of God in you and MV. Your honesty is still refreshing and much needed. God Bless and keep your family, Randy’s and Henry’s, until we see each other again.

  20. Dallin & Karee ~ Mindy and I have had our lives changed because of this great company! We have many experiences that we would not have had if it were not for our partnership with you and Monavie. We are grateful for all that you have done, for your example and all that you represent both as our brother & sister on this earth along with businessmen that helps other people to grow and become better! You will always be apart of our lives and will never be forgotten even though we never shared personal experiences with you. Thank you for all that you have done and we look forward to your next venture, along with the life lessons.

  21. Dallin and Karree in all the many years in this profession I have not seen a more heart based transparent message! Well done!
    Karree your message and testimony Lose Lose Lose learn to win was absolutely priceless!! Loved it thanks for sharing it! God Bless you guys!

  22. Thank you Dallin and Karree you are special people who love others and show it to you have both changed peoples lifes thank you for the lessons and things you have taught me i remember one of the Monavie conventions and we were all coming to the front giving to the more project and i had met you both previously the night before and chatted to you both when i came up the next day to give some money you both remembered me and said hi marion and smiled i was really touched as i throught the amount of people you must see each day and you remembered me. Love you guys love the monavie family but miss you both thank you for all you do and all the precious things you have taught me at the conventions God bless you both xxxxx

  23. Dearest Dallin and Karee,
    I thank God everyday that he puts wonderful people like the two of you in my life’s journey! I joined the Monavie family in June of 2006 and I am still an active member. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for building such a great company on the virtues of God, family and Monavie! When I attended my first convention and listened to you speak about your dreams for this company I knew God put me in the right place at the right time. Then the Harts, Merritt’s, the Kalb’s, Robinson’s ,Olsons, Henry, Jeff and I could go on and on we’re speaking. And you stayed until the end and shook everyone hand and continued for many years to stay and show your caring heart. I said to myself is this real? Could all these very amazing people all be in one company? I was hooked! All of you finally paved the extraordinary path for network marketing by introducing a strong value of God, becoming the best person you can be and helping others to do the same. All of you through Monavie set a high standard for network marketing and its distributors!
    I totally agree that this merger should be kept separate in their strengths. I really believe Monavie set the standard and is being duplicated as far as excellence in business and its distributors, MYNT is raising God loving,ambitious motivated, caring young people with the guidance of the stellar Monavie leaders that have been with the company since the beginning. All though, I really don’t know to much about Jeunese, I trust we will be in good hands but should all remain on their own but still bring all good to the industry.
    I hope my babbling didn’t tire you but please know you are loved, respected and appreciated so very much!
    Thank you so much and many more blessings to you and your family!

    1. Dear Sherri, it’s our hope that the new owners will lead with wisdom, understanding and love in their hearts. In doing so, this may end up being an amazing blessing to all. A good friend of mine once said that quiet, calm, deliberation disentangles every knot. I’m going to believe him! Sending our love, Dallin and Karree

  24. Dallin, nothing can ever replace the years, memories and culture expetience of MV. Your heart and the Spirit that was felt on the company at every event will never be duplicated. It was a Kairos Time in history. I’m glad we got to experience that. I know personally, after losing a business in 2010 that we invested 22 yrs of our life in, that life has many bends and turns but God always has our back. You HAVE touched lives, and will continue to do so. #TheBestofTimes ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Dallin and Karee I do want to thank you both for helping us create one fantastic chapter in what we call our book of life. Dallin you have absolutely spoken many beautiful words into our hearts. Words that have shaped us and that have taking root within our family makeup. Rob and I are now into the next chapter, the chapter with kids and a new business. We created the foundation of our business around YOUR words, and you can find those words in our tag line: GoonBerries, Planting Roots and Growing Wings. Your parents did teach you right, I hope someday my kids also understand the power of this message.
    Thank you Both!!!

    1. Kelly and Rob, so great to hear from you again. And, loved your words. Thank you for sharing. Please stay in touch through these Life Lessons and keep us up to speed occasionally on your lives. We are grateful for people like you in our lives! Love, Dallin and Karree

  26. Thank you for this message Dallin & Karee. I am disappointed that things did not go differently.
    When I opened a Success from Home magazine in 2008 and read about a company called Mona Vie that was not only based on the principles of God first, family second, & work third but also believed in giving back to the region where the acai berry was harvested through the MORE Project, I knew it was for me. I signed on and shortly thereafter attended the launch of EMV in New York City. That’s when I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was a company of integrity, lead by people of integrity because that was the first time I had the pleasure of hearing Dallin and Sergio speak on stage. Most recently, knowing that your family was still involved has been reassuring among all the changes.
    Being iinvolved with Mona Vie has changed our lives for the better in so many ways! A very heartfelt thank you Dallin and Karee for everything. I wish you all good things! Best- Jo Ann

  27. Dear Karree & Dallin,

    Thank you so much for sharing. You both touched my heart at the MonaVie convention in Paris, France when you both had your speech. We also met at the Diamond destination in Hawaii. MonaVie was exceptional, different, not just business – a family. You could feel it. I left MonaVie one year ago and chose VeMMA as my next chapter in life. I haven’t been able to do one single action so far – I was still emotionally connected with MonaVie. As some great leaders left MonaVie I felt that the spirit is changing. Maybe this is just life. Now I am ready to take massive actions to move my business forward.
    Nonetheless – I want you to know that because of MonaVie – I reconnected with God and this alone is a blessing. I wanna thank you both for that. Yes- it’s all about a more meaningful life.
    If you ever come across Switzerland – give me a ring and I would be happy to meet you again. All the best for the future and all upcoming adventures. I will watch you 😉
    Lots of love from Zurich, Switzerland
    Peter Muzik

    1. Thank you Peter. I have so many wonderful memories of Switzerland as we took all of our children on that Black Diamond Destination to Interlaken. Please stay in touch through these Life Lessons and I certainly hope to see you again in the future! Until then, Dallin and Karree

  28. Dallin and Karee,
    My husband and I were both single in the Orrin Woodward organization and met and married during our time with MonaVie. We thank you so much for all you did for our organizations. We have never stopped loving the products, even though we continued on with Orrin. As part of our thank you we have continued our monthly donation to the MORE project and pray that God will continue to bless all the MORE project is doing in Brazil! We always enjoyed and were inspired by hearing you live at conventions. May God bless you and your next endeavor, and thank you again for standing for what is right!

  29. Kerree,
    I would love a transcript of your last remark. It is something I would like to reflect on each day. I have personally grown through Monavie and direct sales and can relate to your story. I was one who crossed a street when someone came toward me, so I wouldn’t have to make eye contact. Now I love talking with people, getting to know them, and helping them make changes spiritually, financially, and personally in their life. Prayers and blessings, Julie Hisle

    1. Hi Julie, Karree didn’t read from a teleprompter so there is no script. We never really script out what we’re going to say in advance but just go with what comes into our hearts. Thank you Julie and God bless. Dallin and Karree

  30. Dallin and Karree
    We talk about you often and honor both of you for what you did for us. LIFE LEADERSHIP is a great company today and changing so many lives in large part because you took a chance on us and helped us out when we needed it. Orrin and Chris and many others understand the sacrifice you made for us( as a matter of fact it will be in a book soon) we cannot possibly thank you enough.
    I will always consider you a real friend and pray for you both.

    Love you both always

    Tim Marks

  31. The top 3 life changing and happiest moments in my life..
    1.The birth of my son.
    2.The birth of my daughter.
    3. The day my friend shared Monavie with me.
    I thank you for changing my life and helping me find my purpose in life!! I will forever be in your debt..

    1. Thank you Roland. Very kind. Having your health, your family, your purpose. I don’t count you in the masses of people who lead quiet lives of desperation. You are living live with inspiration! Keep giving and growing. Our love, Dallin and Karree

  32. Dear Dallin & Karree

    I’m actually balling my eyes in tears at the moment. Such touching and heartfelt words. Words cannot express how excited I am at this very moment knowing that I and a group of us from MonaVie and Mynt will be in Brazil in 3 short weeks changing lives. MORE project is at the heart of this company and will never change.
    Here in the Midwest we were beginning to feel like we were lost and alone in the wilderness. Now after hearing from both of you we are no longer in the dark. God bless you and I love both of you so very very much. Thank you.

    Dr D

    1. Dear Dennis, thank you for your heartfelt words. Please share with us your experiences in the MORE Project when you return. You are a blessing my friend. God bless you in your travels. Dallin and Karree

  33. Hello
    We signed up with Monavie the first day it came to Canada because of who you both are and the product that works so well it’s hard believe. Started in the Yukon and took it to Hungary , we still distribute there in spite of what happened.. Just heard back from England from a young boy who have been unwell for many years. Because of Monavie he is improving and his mother is at awe after all the struggles of looking for something for her son that makes a difference. We never made it big but we made a big difference in people’s lives and continue to do so. Hope Monavie will be back in your hands! Again, thank you for all you do and the great distributor support.

  34. Thank you Dallin and Karree for everything!

    It is because of you both; your hearts and the sense of family is what I loved so much about being a part of being a Monavie distributor. I so appreciate your generous and thoughtful message. I love your hearts! You both, Monavie, The MORE Project, Mick Karshener, Brig Hart and the friends I have met through Monavie will forever be a part of me and I will never forget the journey.

    Love you!

    1. We concur with everything you said, Ivy. We’ve met thousands upon thousands of amazing people along this journey. Even though our paths lead in different directions, our hope is that we will all be honorable in the process and in our own ways, continue being a blessing to His children wherever those paths lead us. God bless you until we meet again Ivy. With love and gratitude, Dallin and Karree

  35. Dallin you have been a class act from the beginning of Mona Vie and to the end. I was a a blue Diamond and loved serving with you.

  36. We love you Dallin and Karree. Truly God has used you and your beautiful hearts to teach us so many things during our involvement in MonaVie. I don’t know what the future holds but I know WHO holds the future! Thank you for being such an amazing model of that to us. We will continue to check in on all the encouraging words you so freely give on your Life Lessons website. P.S If you do start a new company, please let us know! We would love to be apart!

    1. Dear Christian and Lea, indeed, perhaps the greatest of Life Lessons is once and for all, realizing Who we are and Whose we are. We put our trust in a wise and loving Father in Heaven, who knows the beginning to the end and who breathed a portion of His divine into each and every one of us. God bless you both until we meet again and please stay connected and share some of your Life Lessons with the rest of us as you feel so inspired to do so. With love and gratitude, Dallin and Karree

  37. MonaVie lost it’s heart when you left. It just hasn’t been the same it all seemed to start when Brig & Lita left it has been down hill every since. I’ve been with MV since 2007 and still there hoping this change is for the better. We all miss you guys so much. God Bless you & yours.

    1. Dear Janet, thank you for your words. Change is very difficult for all of us. I fully understand what you’re saying. Our hope, of course, is that the MonaVie will thrive, that servant leadership will step forward, that the MORE Project will once again become the center of the MonaVie vision, that there will be an absence of ego and pride and that all who are involved will experience much learning, growth and sharing. Until we meet again Janet, all our love. Dallin and Karree

  38. Dear Dallin,
    I have been involved in Monavie since the getgo and will be Monavie for life. Rob and Kelly Fabros started in my living room and helped me to spread my wings. I had never done anything like this in my life and close to the age of retirement with no plan. I had the wonderful chance to spend time with you and Karree on the wonderful trips I received as I moved up the ranks. You were and always will be an inspiration to me and my family. My grandsons were blessed to go to Brazil and work with the kids when they were just young teens. My daughter, Lori Balogh’s dedication with Monavie helped me to achieve my networking ability in helping others that was beyond my dreams. I thank you for your integrity, support and your ultimate faith in God. May God bless you on your next journey in life.
    Patti Salerno

    1. Dear Patti, so nice to hear from you and thank you for your vision and passion and love for the MORE Project. Keep growing, learning and sharing. Please stay connected through this site or over at and share some of your Life Lessons with the community as you feel so inspired. God bless until we meet again. Love, Dallin and Karree

  39. Dear Dallin&Karree, we have never had the chance to meet ourselves, but thank you for the values that worked in MonaVie. Although I’ve been in MonaVie only for 2 years, all that I saw here was consistent with values which are also very important to me. I thank for your message. MonaVie forever will remain in hearts of our family. God bless you and yor family.

    1. Thank you Stanislaw and give our love to all our friends in Poland! What amazing folks we’ve met from your beautiful country!!!

      Sending our love over the miles. Dallin and Karree

  40. Dear Dallin and Karree,

    Earlier this week I came across your message to Monavie Distributors created on March18th for the first time. Although it is now three months later and so much has already changed, it breaks my heart to hear how close we were to have you return to Monavie.

    My wife and I have been a part of Monavie since 2007 and although we never did rise to the big ranks we loved the product and enjoyed sharing it with others. When we heard Jeunesse was buying Monavie/Mynt we were apprehensive. We hoped that Monavie and Mynt would both keep their unique identities as you suggested. Now that Jeunesse has taken over our worst fears were realized. Monavie and Mynt have been completely erased from existence. We loved the unique edgy image of Mynt for our younger group. We are very disappointed that it is all gone.

    We knew that things were not well when Brig Hart left, then you left followed by Randy Schroeder. We did not know the circumstances in which you left until now. We are sorry to hear how it all unfolded.

    On a personal note we were hurt by the deaths of both of our good friends and upline Ruth Van Buren and Edie Minder both of whom passed away within a year of each other. We have no personal connection to this company any longer.

    We wish you well in whatever venture you decide to pursue. May the Lord continue bless you and your family.

    In Christ,

    Brian & Tai

    1. Dear Brian,

      I hope you receive this message. Thank you for your letter. I am grateful you sent it to me. Our hearts have broken over MonaVie as well. Believe me. It didn’t end like we had anticipated. Yet, we have faith that God’s plan is always perfect so we march forward with faith to the next chapter. Like you, Karree and I both miss Ruth as well as Edie. We flew to see Ruth in her last few days before she transitioned back home.

      Please stay in touch. Stop by my facebook page from time to time as we share different Life Lessons and other information. Until then, God bless you both.

      Sincerely, Dallin and Karree

  41. Dallin,

    Thank you for your timely response. At a time when our country is bereft of solid moral leadership we need good leaders to step up and provide direction. Please do not stand on the sidelines for too long. We look forward to seeing what God’s plan is for you and your next venture.

    In Him,


  42. Dallin,

    I got the opportunity to hear you in St Louis back
    in 2012 . You were talking about the future and
    Putting our swords on the round table! I
    wanted you to know that I’ll never forget how
    moved and inspired I was by you and what you
    were saying, the total conviction and passion
    coming from you. I want you to know and I
    speak for MILLIONS, get that non compete thing
    out of the way and if you launch a new business,
    I’ll be one of the first to put my sword down on
    the round table! You are right, you are too young to retire! Unfinished business. THANK
    YOU for bringing MONAVIE into our lives, it changed my life forever and lives forever in
    my heart!

  43. I got started with monavie when I was 20 and I came from a very rough background. Through associating with team monavie being apart of the training system. Words could never carry the meaning of what team monavie has actually done for my life. I would be dead or in prison for sure !!! I’m now 27 still apart of networking (LIFE) I have learned a crazy amount and it has completely laid the blueprint for my whole life and I am starting to pay it forward in a big way!! From the bottom of my heart with my whole heart thanks for having the guts to do and be who you guys are !! My dad is a big leader paying it forward as well and he would agree with me ! Monavie brought my family closer forever and saved a young man’s life !! You are awesome people ! Excited for your futures I love you guys GOD BLESS !!

  44. Having met you in New York with my sister, monavie helped me with many different things.
    I am with Jeunesse & also still auto shipping my monavie active bts.
    Thank you both for starting me on my network journey.
    Marie & Caroline McAleavey

  45. I am still grateful to this day for the relationships born in my MonaVie family, the lessons learned and boy were there many! I grew so much and it has served me well. I have always admired you Dallin and Karree, class acts. Your hearts for others is admired by all that know you truly. Thank you for this message; I watched a year ago and again, now. God Bless you and your beautiful family!!!!

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