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In this Life Lesson, I share a few of the lessons I learned navigating a startup company to almost a billion in annual revenue.

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  1. I remember meeting you for the first time back in 2005 at the beginning of MonaVie and saying to George, “I want to be apart of this company”. The main reason was because of you and who you are as a person. We want to thank you for all you did for us and for MonaVie. What a blessing it was having MonaVie in our life. Thank you Dallin!

    1. Dear Julie and George, hearing from you is like receiving a cold drink of water after walking in the desert. So very nice. Thank you and I can assure you that the thoughts I have for the two of you are of utmost respect, appreciation and gratitude. I certainly hope that our paths cross again in this journey and until we’re called back home. God bless the beautiful Reed family. Dallin and Karree

  2. Thanks again Dallin for continuing to speak into my life. I first met you in 2007 in Orlando and you made a deep impression on my life. My goals were not met in MonaVie but I grew personally in so many ways. Thank you for all you’ve done for so many. I don’t know how God is going to finish what he started in me there but I’m open to His leading. Blessings and Blue skies!

    1. Derek, thank you for sharing with me. I think you hit the nail right on the head with your comment when you said, “I’m open to his leading.” That’s the first step, I believe. We have to have faith and cast doubt aside and then pray that He will order our steps and them have the courage to act on the impressions He gives to us. Somewhere between faith and action is where many get caught up. Remember that God didn’t give the spirit of fear but of faith! Looking forward to you sharing your Life Lessons with us. God bless you on this journey He has sent you to perform. Dallin

  3. Hi dallin I don’t know if you remember me or not this is Chris Godby. I was wondering if I could send you a cd of high energy music I produced in hopes there might be something that you could use in your advertising dept. Thanks for your consideration I assume you still play the guitar, anyway thanks Dallin.
    Chris Godby.

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for what you do. You are amazing man in my book. Thank you!!!

    Many Blessings,

    1. Thank you Arksone. I’m just trying to learn, grow and share and hope that through this community we can all do more of the same. The world is in great need of leadership, love and light. Let’s be a blessing. Looking forward to you sharing your story with the community as we go along. Be blessed. Dallin and Karree

  5. Hello again Dallin,
    It is so good to see you again my friend, really good! Watching your video brings back so many memories, From HongKong to golf tournaments and EVERYTHING in between. You look so good and at piece in your life and for that I am very grateful, you deserve it brother. You have been blessed and so have I by becoming an acquaintance of yours . You are and have always been one of the greatest men I know and for that I am thankful. Thank you for all you have done and will continue to do to bless the lives of the people that are around you. Please tell that Incredible wife of yours hi from me and the family.
    God bless you,
    Love ya Man
    Ron Glover

    1. Like water to a thirsty soul are the words of Ron Glover to me this morning. What a nice surprise to wake up to such kind words from you, Ron. I hope you know how grateful I am for being in my life, although we don’t see each other often. When we do, it’s like we just saw each other a week or so ago. Hope we can catch up soon my friend. Love you brother. Dallin

  6. Wow . . . I cannot tell you how much this video affected me other than to say that it did deeply. Thank you for your thoughtful candor. Mark, my husband of 27 years and I have been highly blessed with having a profitable network marketing business, including MonaVie, for over 20 yrs along with our real estate business. We have since moved on to full time real estate and still continue consuming the great MonaVie product line and refer customers often for that product. God has shaped Mark and I through folks like you and Karree over the last 2 decades and we continue to live by those timeless principles taught and caught. If you and Karree and the fam ever take a trip to the Land of Enchantment in New Mexico, please feel free to reach out to us and we’ll connect over some really great food and scenery. Blessings and Prayers to you and yours.

    1. Jill, you’ve got a deal! New Mexico, here we come. 🙂 Thank you for your very kind words. They mean a lot to me. And, I invite you to share with this very organic, growing Life Lessons community, some of the most important Life Lessons you’ve learned along your journey. Something tells me that your story will bless others. Think about it. Hugs from Dallin and Karree

  7. Hey Dallin, Hindsight is 20/20 and we all learn from our experiences if we remain open and humble as you have been.
    Keep the Lifes Lessons coming so that we all may gain from your experience…so it becomes our Wisdom…Thanks for the Memories also…. B & L : )

    1. Brig, thank you, thank you. I’ve been up since 2 AM because I couldn’t sleep. Been reading Isaiah. There was a time and a season wasn’t there! There are only a handful of couples that can fully peel back the onion and even partially understand what God did through MonaVie during the last half of the last decade. Amazing what a handful of committed folks achieved when they weren’t afraid to give God the glory. God blessed me when I prayed to surround me and Karree with Godly men and because of the importance you put on reading His word, not just talking about it but in fact, doing it, I’ve been reading 30 pages a day for the last almost 18 months and my friend, it has been better than the best massages in Tahiti! Feeling His love and tender mercy in my life cannot be described. Thank you for that Brig. Miss you my brother. All my best to you, Lita, Britany, Daniel and Paul. Karree sends her love as well.

  8. Hey Dallin, I remember when I first met you in St. Augustine, FL. I have been in Monavie ever since and will continue my journey in Monavie because I believe in what you started and look forward to the future. You and your relationship with God have changed me. I have grown more the last few years than I ever have physically, emotionally, spiritually. I still believe this company has so much potential and stands for so much more. I know the company is not the same without you, but your legacy lives on in so many people. I just want to thank you.. I hope in my future I am able to surround myself with men just like you. I pray everyday that God gives me the wisdom to recognize them and help others become better too. I have adopted a new Slogan I heard recently… “It’s all about progress not perfection!!” Thank you for everything. I look forward to meeting up with you again in the future. God Bless you !

    1. Mr. Collins, that is such a thoughtful message and I’m grateful. And, from reading your words, I know you’re progressing. Inasmuch as we become very much like the people we spend time with, I’ll be praying right after I push reply to your message that God will bless you with faithful men of God in your inner circle. Be blessed my friend. You blessed me today with your message. Dallin

  9. Hi Dallin! I dont know if you remember me or not, but I was invited by you to speak at one of your Monavie conventions, or I should say share my story… I was the police officer from Rialto California and I shared my WHY of doing this business. It was my children… I had almost lost my son as I was out there “saving the world” as a police officer and my children were raising themselves as I was also a single mom. Anyway, that time on stage and the impact i felt I made kept me going in Networking, although not w MV since you left. You were a great mentor to me and what you stand for is amazing! It was great seeing you here… I was wondering where your life would take you! Thanks again for allowing me to share my story that one fine day, and because of you, my life will be forever changed!

    Cindi Sandona 🙂

  10. Beautiful message Dallin. You have created a couple of thrilling rides for millions of people. I have watched your vision and leadership manifest stunning success. Congratulations. I look forward to what path you choose next. Your friend. RB

    1. Thank you Richard. That means a lot coming from you my friend. So good to see your name this morning. Next time you’re in Utah, call me and let’s get together and catch up. 801-696-4855. Be blessed Richard. Dallin

  11. Hi Dallin,
    Its Catherine, of Jimmy & Catherine Reese. I know you met thousands on your journey. I just wanted to say we appreciated your influence, your Godly heart & how down to earth you were with us. Wish you much love & blessings, it was nice to hear form you, and Yes what a great season it was. We are in a new season now in many areas of life. Jimmy is on tour now, Bass fishing across the US (you can see him on TV here & there or follow his website).
    Blessings to you, Karree & your family

    Catherine Reese

  12. Hi Dallin, in the years I spent with Monavie have taught me many life lessons!
    I learned so much from those special years and today implement it into my life and the life of others that I touch.
    I am very thankful for the times you spoke at events and the talks we had.
    My parents to this day are always bringing your name up in conversation, it’s safe to say you have touched theit life also.

    God bless you and Karee,

    Thank you for you do!

  13. Was so good to hear and see you again Dallin! You are right, people love you because you love them and that is your gift and no matter what happened your wisdom will resonate forever in our hearts. We still drink the juice believe in the product and even if many of us didn’t get off the ground or crashed several times you have given all of us a great gift. Thank you for your honesty and sharing. Erika Rozsa Atkinson

  14. Hi Dallin. I’ve been enjoying the life lessons. Keep’em comin. I wanted to tell you a story about my father. My parents were divorced and my mothers station wagon was not running very well and my father, who new cars like the back of hand, offered to fix it. He just knew it had to be the timing chain. So he proceeded to tear the whole front of the engine apart. This was the first time I saw my Dad cry. It wasn’t the timing chain at all, it was a hairline crack in the distributer cap!! Our lives can be like this sometimes. Things are working the way we want them too so we start ripping things apart and making a mess of things when the answer to our problem is quite simple. The lesson I think, I know I took from this is, when things are going the way u think they should, I don’t rush thinking oh, its got to be this or that. I sit back and think now, “What does God say.” Open my Bible and read, pray about it. The answer to all my problems are in Gods word alone. Thanks Dallin and God Bless The Whole Larsen clan.

    1. Amen my brother! There are thousands of self help books with sizzle and endorsements, promising sometimes instant success if one will but read from its pages. Oh the folly of man. Who among us won’t He bless who purposefully opens His word and hungers and thirsts after His wisdom and love. Thank you for the reminder Greg and I agree with you completely. Thank you for sharing a Life Lesson today! Now, go put that on video and get it to us so we can share with the Life Lessons community!!! God bless, Dallin and Karree

  15. Hi Dallin and Karree

    My name is Maria. Big EH!! from Canada!! We met several years ago at a monavie convention. I still have pictures of Karree, you and myself. Ive been thoroughly enjoying your life lessons. Thank you! Thank you!!! Blessings to you, Karee and family!!

    1. Thank you Maria. It was an amazing adventure, that’s for sure. Starting a new adventure with these Life Lessons. We’ll see where it grows and evolves. I don’t have an outcome in mind other than just keeping it organic and speaking and sharing authentic lessons from lots of folks. We’re enjoying it too and hearing from so many fantastic folks like yourself! Blessings sent your way. Dallin and Karree

  16. Good morning Dallin. Life is so funny. I was just thinking about you last night and how I was so positivly impacted by my time in Monavie and all the people that I was blessed to be around including you.
    I sure you don’t remember me amongst such a large throng of people but met at a meeting in Seattle, WA. There I told you a story of a little girl who lived in a community that was suffering from a long drought. The town all got together and prayed for rain. They were desperate because all of there crops were perishing.
    As they concluded there prayer the people could hear, noises from outside and on the roof of the gathering hall. They all went out to see what was going on and to there shear delight, it was raining. Everyone was dancing and celebrating because there collective prayer had been answered.
    Amoungst all the celebrating was a young girl standing off by herself with tears in her eyes. Some of the towns people appeoched her, not because of her tears but because of something that made her stand out from all the rest. She had an umbrella. When asked why she brought an umbrella to the gathering, she replied, “because I believed”.
    What an incredible story. A story you told at the convention with that name sake,” believe”.
    I was at that convention and when you told that story at the opening session and gave me credit for telling it to you it brought me to tears as it is now writing this to you today.
    I believed in you that day Dallin as I still do to this day
    You and your personalty and your gifts have truely touchedy life. Thank you so much!:)

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