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Hi there! We’re Dallin and Karree Larsen and we have a message for you. The world needs you to step up to designing and then, living your most significant life. And we want to help you design that life. Why do we want this for you? Because the world needs your light, that’s why.

With each of our life choices, assuming we aren’t purposely making bad choices, there are good, better and best choices. We believe it’s time to put good and better to bed and get on with being our best! A life of significance is a byproduct of making the “best” choices.

Through sharing our Life Lessons as well as the Life Lessons and wisdom of others, we hope to help you design your most significant life possible. We will get personal and share with you the results of some of our less than “best” choices as well as the results of the good, better and best choices we’ve made. So, think of us as architects, helping you put together the blueprint of your home. However, this home is your life so let’s make sure to build it solid, to stand the test of time.

A life of significance is a byproduct of making the “best” choices.Dallin Larsen
As the homeowner, you may choose to incorporate some of our Life Lessons while others you choose not to incorporate. If a certain Life Lesson resonates with you, wonderful. If it doesn’t resonate with you, it is meant for someone else and that’s equally as wonderful. The good news is that you can continue living in your home while it’s being renovated!

Finally, here is the very best news of all; regardless of your age, gender, skin color, educational background or whether you would categorize your life choices thus far as a series of bad choices, the past is the past.  Today is today.  We believe that your best days are in front of you, if you choose them to be and are willing to take the road less traveled, as Robert Frost penned in 1920.

Our life experiences

Karree and I know what it feels like to struggle.  We know the feeling of failure, of complete humiliation and despair.  We know what it feels like to go through a divorce and have your world turned upside down.  We also know that second chances are possible.  We were married in 2003 and are best friends.  With that marriage, we have come to understand some of the challenges and opportunities of blending a family.

We know what it is like to feel you’ve disappointed God in almost every way possible and choose to turn away in shame rather than towards Him.  Conversely, we have felt a portion of His love and grace as we’ve turned to Him.  As bitter and painful as some of our Life Lessons have been individually and collectively, we made a conscious choice on a certain day in October of 2004 to become one with each other and to begin designing our lives for significance.   In complete disclosure and because we value honesty, we asked God for some specific help and in return, we made promises to God.

Beginning that week, everything in our lives changed for the better.  That singular choice, followed by a series of “best” choices, has made all the difference.  We refused to believe that our future was defined by our past.  We chose to change and we chose to believe in God, have faith in God and make promises to God.  The results of that decision, followed by several years of attempting to keep our end of the bargain are simply too difficult to explain in words.  Perhaps miraculous explains it best.

Our stories



Growing up, I experienced being slugged in the face by my High School vice Principal to being told by our football coach that I’d never graduate to scoring a 13 on the ACT college entrance exam, a score that I’ve yet to see anyone underperform in the last 38 years!  Yet, because I refused to believe these experiences defined me, I began consciously making some “best” choice decisions and over the next almost 40 years have gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree, start over 20 businesses, start a company that would generate global revenue of nearly a billion a year and was recognized in 2009 as an Ernst and Young National Entrepreneur of the Year.

In my early 40’s and prior to our financial success, I knew what it was like to be within months of declaring bankruptcy and feeling those horrible knots in my stomach, not knowing how I was going to turn things around financially to provide for my new bride and our 8 kids.  Conversely, I know what it’s like to break through that fear through “best” choice decisions and go on to achieve a degree of financial success.

By making a series of these “best” choices, Karree and I now experience joy in most every area of our lives.  We have what we consider, a very meaningful marriage; we got a second chance at life and grabbed a hold of it.  And you can too!  It starts with a decision to design your life through “best” choice decisions rather than bad, good or better decisions.  Do you want a good, better or best life?  Do you want a good, better or best marriage?  Making “best” choices, will lead you to a summit where the air is clean, the view is amazing and there’s sufficient room for anyone willing to take the road less travelled.  It’s the road of significance.



Karree knows the crushing and life altering experience of holding a son in her arms as she slowly watched him leave this world, followed by utter despair and emptiness.  And, instead of living in that fear, she has gone on to give birth to 7 children.  She knows what it’s like to get burned as a child over 30% of her body and to spend the next two months in a hospital fighting for her life as well as the next two years in and out of a burn center.  To me, she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet.  She also knows it’s possible to defy the odds as she became a commercial pilot at a time when the ratio of female to male pilots was 1 in 4,000.

Can we help you design your life?

Who is your current coach, mentor or architect and are you satisfied with the results you are seeing in your personal and professional life? Is your life as significant as you would like it to be? If the answer is yes, keep doing exactly what you’re doing. If the answer is no, we may be able to help.

We suggest you take seriously who you allow to speak into your life and even more seriously, who you allow to speak into the lives of your children. The truth is, we don’t know if our Life Lessons along with the experiences of others whom we will share will speak to your soul or not. If we can help you design a more significant life and avoid some of the pitfalls we and others routinely have fallen into, wonderful. If not, we suggest you keep searching for the coach, mentor or architect who can assist you on your journey.

Our Core Values

Here is a list of our core values.

Remember that like you, we’re a work in progress and still under construction.

  • Our relationship with God is #1
  • Our relationships with family and friends is #2
  • We believe that teaching men and women to fish is better than giving them a fish for a day
  • We also believe that some, through no fault of their own, can’t fish
  • We believe in always trying to give to others more than we receive for ourselves
  • We believe that good old fashioned work can cover a multitude of inadequacies
  • We have a need to help others win in life
  • We want to leave the world better because we were here
  • We value complete honesty
  • We value those unwilling to make a single excuse in their lives

  • We value that God loves each human being equally; regardless of race or religion
  • We value integrity
  • We value loyalty
  • We value the truth
  • We value kindness
  • We value selflessness
  • We value the human experience
  • We value those who go about life doing good, anonymously
  • We value that life is short and each day must be treasured
  • We value that there are angels among us, acting as God’s hands